Taurus Optima Magnum 1200-Watt Table Blender Review. Is It worth buying in India?

Taurus Optima Magnum 1200-Watt Table Blender is a great blender if you love making smoothies, Cocktails. Protein shakes or blending ingredients to make your favourite drink. This offers the convenience right at your home.

Taurus 1200 watt blender

Taurus is a Spain based household and kitchen appliances manufacturing company. It specialises in household needs worldwide and makes the best products.

Taurus Optima Magnum 1200-Watt Table Blender caught my attention due to its looks and 1200-watt power. I had to do a research on this. Is it Worth buying? Let me share my thoughts and findings with you. But before that let me tell you a few things to look for when buying the perfect blender.

  • Look for Jar blenders since they are easy to operate and cost less.
  • Keep in mind what you would like as well, such as pureeing, stirring, blending, mixing, chopping, grinding, or creaming.
  • Keep in mind the power, wattage, and quality of materials in a blender before buying.
  • Check the sound quality. Some blenders can be loud and annoying. Others can be quieter. These blenders are the best for families with small children and pets who don’t like loud noises.
  • Check for plastic. Plastic is cheaper than glass, but often gets broken. Make sure the mandatory parts are not made of plastic.
  • Be sure to check whether you are buying a blender or a food processor. They look alike, but blenders are used for different things.
  • Looks matter. Be sure you like the looks of the blender. Most brands carry each model in a variety of colours and materials.

Maximum Power with the 1200-Wat Motor

Prepare all kinds of recipes with the Taurus Optima Magnum 1200 Table blender. A great blender needs maximum power to crush ice, fruits, vegetables to prepare smoothies in a smooth drinkable consistency. It has a power selector, illuminated in blue, with five speeds and pulse function to get the texture you want. Grind ice, blend vegetables and frozen fruits with all the comfort. There will not be any Ingredient that will resist the 1200- Watt motor.

6 Edge Stainless Steel Blade

The Taurus Optima Magnum 1200 Table Blender has a stainless steel blade with 6 edges for unbeatable results. These 6 blades allow obtaining much more consistent and smoother drinks in less time. Also, there is no food this blender cannot blend. Create your smoothies or favourite dishes with Optima Magnum 1200, the perfect complement for your kitchen. When it comes to washing the blender, comfort is assured. Its blades are removable and stainless steel can resist high temperatures and remain intact over time, preventing oxidation and corrosion.

Stainless Steel Body

The body of the blender is stainless steel. Apart from its gleaming aesthetic appearance, it provides hygienic properties and prevents corrosion. Making the product remain intact over time.

1.75 Litre Glass Jar

The glass jar is another important aspect of the Optima Magnum 1200. It is made of good quality glass and is durable allowing you to crush all kinds of food no matter how hard they are, even ice. It has a capacity of 1.75 litres, one of the largest on the market, and a lid with closure to avoid splashes and stains. It Shreds all kinds of food easily, quickly and cleanly. In addition, this jug is dishwasher safe.



  • 1200 W
  • 1’75 L graduated glass jar
  • 5 speeds + Turbo
  • Blue LED lighting on the power switch
  • 6-edge stainless steel blade
  • Ice crush ability
  • Filling opening at the lid and transparent cap

Customer Reviews and Ratings:

The Taurus Optima Magnum 1200 Table blender is a machine that crushes anything. It’s a great choice for People who love their smoothies and protein shakes to be smooth. Nobody loves lumps in their shakes. Smoothies or shakes from this blender will make your morning workout even more interesting.TH

The customer reviews on Amazon are positive as well as negative. One customer said, “It doesn’t seem to perform at 1200W”. However not all seem to experience the same problem. Other customers said “The design was perfect and easy to use”, “Doesn’t make much noise”.


This being a new product, not much can be said about this. But after all this blender looks great and performs great. I highly recommend this product.