Should I Buy Branded Shoes? Are They Worth My Money?

Should I buy branded shoes? Are they worth my money? Why are they expensive? Why should I waste my money on branded sneakers when I can get the same type of shoes at a lower price? If these are the question you have been having on your mind, worry no more. This post will change your mind or at least I think it will on the way you see branded shoes.

Should I buy Branded Shoes?

Well, you should if you really want comfort and durability. Not that unbranded shoes don’t offer comfort and durability but I bet you that they will be no way near the comfort and durability of branded shoes.

Before college, I never had branded shoes. I wore shoes I bought from the local market and let me tell you, my legs used to be sore in the evening. I had no other option since I was not aware of branded sneakers that gave good comfort and were highly durable. My unbranded Shoes lasted for six months to eight months max. I joined college and things changed. I was blessed with comfort and durability by branded sneakers. Nike was my favourite brand back then.

The Nike Dunk was my first branded shoe. It gave me good arch support, great comfort and durability plus I looked great in the Dunks. The other Nike sneaker I wore for a long time was the Nike Air Force One which is an iconic shoe in the sneaker community. Both were comfortable and extremely durable. Click here to know about few of the best sneakers that are highly recommend by sneaker heads around the world.

Branded shoes offer good quality materials that are high tech. The unbranded one doesn’t offer the same. I’m not against unbranded shoes, But if you think of buying an unbranded one, do think about the comfort and durability they will not be providing.

So should you buy branded shoes? My answer is a huge yes.

Are they worth my money?

Yes! They absolutely are. Let me tell you why. Consider an unbranded shoe that sells for a quarter the price of a branded shoe that offers no durability and comfort. You buy one and wear it for six months. At the end of six months, the shoes come apart. Now, what do you do? Buy another one, wear it for six months, then throw it due to its lack of durability and don’t even tell me about the comfort and arch support because I know it doesn’t have any.

Now consider a branded shoe that is a little expensive and has all the good materials and comfort. You buy a pair, wear it for a year, two or three. Even more with proper love and care. Don’t you think they are worth the money? Rather than replacing a shoe that has no comfort every six months, it’s wise to invest in a pair that will go for a long time. It’s obvious that you will be spending almost the same amount of money on two pairs of unbranded shoes in a year. BE WISE, BUY SMART. So are they worth the money? My answer, absolutely yes. It’s a huge thing to spend a huge amount of money on a pair of branded shoe or sneaker but once you wear a branded shoe, you will never go back to an unbranded shoe that feels like rock wrapped around your feet.

Why are they expensive?

You may be thinking why are they expensive. Yes ! all the branding a brand does makes it expensive but more than that it is the quality of the material used, the process involved in making shoes and the technology involved. Good quality branded sneakers don’t come cheap and keeping that in mind, good quality sneakers can be found on many e-commerce sites. Offline retail stores don’t offer much discount due to the expenses they have in running a brick and mortar store. Whereas online retailers offer a huge discount on branded sneakers due to the lack of investment or expenses. So if you’re getting a good deal on a branded sneaker or shoe on an online store that is reputable, don’t think its fake. They are just priced that way online. Back to why are branded shoes expensive. Here is a list of few valid reasons.

  • Good quality material used in the upper part of the shoe. Engineered mesh, Leather, Suede, Hemp are few of the materials used in making a branded shoe of good quality.
  • The technology behind the material, the insole and the outer sole.
  • The comfort, breathability, lightweight and the style it offers.
  • Finally, the branding that goes into to market the shoe or sneaker

Why should I waste my money on branded sneakers when I can get the same type of shoes at a lower price?

So you are planning on buying a fake pair. Good luck to you on that. You will be regretting the purchase. There are few pairs that are close to the real one but a fake is a fake. I can’t even think of wearing a fake one. Let me tell you why. No matter how good the fake is, I will never be able to get the fact out of my mind that I’m wearing a fake.

If you really want to enjoy wearing a shoe that’s comfortable and durable, you will never go for a fake no matter how real it may look. The fake ones offer no comfort and durability and the worst part is they tear down very sooner than you think. They may look good brand new but once you start wearing them, the sneakers will look funny and will affect the way you walk and your performance. So no matter what, never go in for a fake or something resembling the original shoe or sneaker. Just invest some money on a good one and see your performance increase on the activity the shoe is intended to do.

I hope you have an idea about the benefits of branded shoes. Good luck with your new branded shoe or sneaker. To know more about a few sneakers that are worth the price, Click here.

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Guide To Buy The Perfect Sneaker Or Shoe

If you are planning on buying a shoe then it’s great that you are reading this. You will get an idea on what type of sneaker or shoe you need to be wearing. A shoe is an item of footwear intended to protect and comfort the human foot while the wearer is doing various activities. Few factors decide the shoe you need to be wearing.

  • 1. The activity intended with the shoe(Formal, Casual, Semi-formal, Running etc.)
  • The weather conditions you live in(Hot, humid, cold, rainy )
  • The budget ( how much money you will be spending )
  • The material of the shoe (Synthetic, cotton, hemp, leather, synthetic leather, PU, etc.)
  • The sole of the shoe (rubber, plastic, foam, leather etc.)
  • The fit


Now that you are going to purchase a shoe, it must be for some kind of activity. It may be workwear, casual, semi-formal, running, trekking etc. Every activity mentioned requires shoe of its own. You can’t be going to the office wearing running shoes nor can you be running using formal or dress shoes. So keep in mind the activity and go for the shoe that meets the requirement for the activity. 


Before buying any shoe the first thing is to take in mind is the weather conditions of the place where you live. Yes! You heard it right, weather plays an important role in deciding the kind of shoe that needs to be worn for great comfort and safety.

There are different kinds of shoes in the market that are meant for different weather conditions. Leather shoes in hot summer can cause blisters and sweat that leads to foul odour. Canvas shoe in rainy days can make the shoes wet and leather shoes can get spoilt. So wearing the perfect shoe for the perfect climate is a top priority.


Budget is another factor that plays an important role in buying a shoe. There are shoes at different prices. There are cheap one that is of great quality and there are cheap ones with no quality. In the same way, there are shoes that are priced higher but have no quality. It’s better to read reviews before making a purchase. Your budget Determines the quality of the shoe. Big brand name shoes are expensive but offer great quality.


Shoes are made using different materials. It can be leather, canvas, synthetic leather, rubber, PU etc.. For great comfort the material needs to be matched with the climatic conditions. Leather in a hot climate is a big no unless you are going for work in an office that requires those kinds of shoes. It doesn’t offer breathability. It offers durability but less comfort since they are not made to be worn for intense activities. Shoes that give comfort are always priced high.

Canvas is a good choice of material for warmer or hot climate due to its breathability. It is mainly used to make casual sneakers or shoes. Canvas is breathable and will keep your foot from sweat and blisters. Canvas also dries quickly in hot climates if it gets wet, so it won’t be a problem if it rains.

Shoes that have a mesh upper are made using synthetic textile material. This material is mainly used to make sports shoes( football, running, cricket Etc.) These offer shoes that are lightweight, breathability. The durability of these shoes depends on the quality of the material used. 


Sole offers overall comfort to the person wearing the sole. There an inner sole and an outer sole in a shoe. The sole can be made of natural rubber, foam, leather, polyurethane and PVC. Few expensive Leather shoes have leather soles. Sports shoes have foam or polyurethane sole.

 Good soles give good grip and make the shoe lightweight. Insoles or inner sole has many purposes. They offer daily wear comfort, height enhancement. These can be found inside the shoes. Shoes come with inner soles. Insoles can be added to the shoe if you feel that the inner sole to the shoe has worn out or not comfortable. 


While buying a shoe the way the shoe fits really matter. The various fit that have to be seen are the size of the shoe and the width of the shoe. Size of the shoe – Size matters when going for a shoe since you need to get your foot into the shoe and the shoe not falling off or being too tight. You can measure your foot size with a scale or follow the step given – .Width of the shoe – Width really matters if you have wide feet and can’t fit into normal shoes. So go for shoes that are wide in the front.

Should i buy branded shoes? Yes you absolutely must