Shoes To Wear In Rainy Season In India

Wearing shoes during the rainy season is a very bad idea. It may be a bad idea to step out in the rain and wet your shoes. So what kind of shoes to wear in rainy season ? There are few shoes and accessories that can keep your feet dry and your shoe safe.

The rainy season is a season when you shoe goes through it’s worst time. Wearing suitable shoe and clothes is important for all. Waking through wet and muddy places getting your shoes wet has the risks of ruining your shoe and giving your foot a bad odour. During rainy season few shoes that you own must be kept in the closet until the season is over. So you must be thinking what should I be wearing? And if you thought of flip flops, good luck on keeping your clothes clean. Flip flops will make your clothes dirty from behind. 

What not to wear during rainy season ?

  • Sandals with pointed heels. They may make you fall in wet places
  • Avoid leather shoes. Leather can spoil if not taken proper care of if it gets wet.
  • Canvas is also a no since it absorbs water and if worn for a long time, it may cause infection.
  • Don’t wear socks that are thick. The thick socks take time to dry and may give your foot bad odour. They may also get you sick (cold).

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Shoe cover

If you are a working professional who has the need to maintain a dress code at the office may find it hard to keep their shoes.  Worry no more for there is a solution. There are shoe covers available these days. These covers will protect your shoe from rain. They are easy to carry around. They can be kept in your backpack and used anytime you want to go out. These shoe covers can be used with all kind of shoes.

Shoe cover for rainy season

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Rubber Shoes 

Rubber shoes are made up of rubber and foam. They are good for the rain. Water doesn’t get through it, thus keeping your feet dry. The most common rubber, foam type shoes and sandals are from Crocs. Crocs are comfortable, lightweight and they dry easily. They don’t allow water to stay in. Crocs are on the expensive side but they are very durable and can last for two to three years. If you are on a budget and don’t want to spend much on a pair of crocs then click this link here to buy crocs look-alike that is good for the rainy season.


Strappy Sandals

Strappy sandals are sandals that have straps. They are very common in India and can be seen worn by almost everyone. These have straps that keep your foot in place. It offers good ventilation. The upper is mostly made from materials like leather, Synthetic, foam and rubber. The sole is mostly rubber or foam. These are good for the rain since these don’t allow rain water to stay in them and dry quickly since these are open and not closed like shoes.

Strappy sandals for men

shoes for rain in india

Strappy sandals for women

shoes for rain in india

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