Set Up A Perfect Home Gym With 5000 Rupees In India

Having a gym at home is the perfect way to go if you want to save time and money. A home gym cannot be just as the commercial gym, but hey! you have to still take out time and spend some cash to work out. A home gym cuts out all the unnecessary cost involved. Invest in good pieces of equipment and you are set for life. To set up a perfect home gym with 5000 rupees in India is no joke as you can get some hardcore stuff with a small amount.

Here are a few things in which you need to set a home gym.

  • Dumbbells
  • Pull up bar
  • Jump rope
  • Barbell set
  • Stepper Board
  • Handgrips


Dumbbells can be used to do a variety of exercise and can work the whole body. You can work your chest, shoulders, biceps and also your legs by doing weighted squats. Dumbbell varies in weights and lookout for hex shaped dumbbells which have a black rubber coating. These can be used to do a variety of exercise and they last really well. Below are a few dumbbells you should consider buying as they have great reviews and are recommended.

1. RUBX Rubber Coated Professional Exercise Hex Dumbbells

This dumbbell from RUBX has one of the highest rating. I purchased it two years back and it’s the perfect dumbbell you will never need. It is rubber coated and hence provides an anti slip grip and can be placed on the floor without damaging or leaving a mark. A lot of dumbbells out there have a rubbery smell on them but this did not have any smell. so , that a thumbs up on why you should buy this one. This does not roll away and therefore you can use it do push ups. The reviews on Amazon were all positive. A lot of reviews mentioned that the dumbbell as “Value for money”, “Accurate weight” and “Good grip”. Since i use this in my daily workout, I highly recommend this dumbbell.

2. KORE DM-HEXA Dumbbells

This Dumbbell from Kore also has a high rating on amazon.It hexagonal shaped and multiple workouts can be done with this. Its rubber coated to ensure no damage to the floor. The reviews on amazon were mostly positive with comments like “Value for money”, “Accurate weight”, “good grip” and “long lasting”. This is a highly recommended dumbbell.

3. AmazonBasics Cast Iron Hexagon Dumbbell

This Dumbbell has high ratings on Amazon and it is amazon’s hone brand. Amazon home brand products are always high quality. Sadly these are not rubber coated but keep in mind the durability as it cast iron and it can last for years to come. Thankfully its hexagonal shaped for secure placement on the floor. Be sure you handle it with care as it can damage the floor if not handled properly. These dumbbells from Amazon Basics comes in lot of sizes. The reviews mentioned that these were ” Built to last”, “Accurate weight”.

Pull up bar

Pull up bars are great for building upper body strength. Pull-ups sculpt muscle across your chest, back, shoulders, arms and core. They Activate multiple large muscle groups in a single motion for maximum fat-burning effect and tremendous muscle gains. These can be mounted easily on door frames in your house. Below are a few pull up bars you should consider buying as they have great reviews and are recommended. Pull up bar can help you set up a perfect Home gym with 5000 rupees in India.

Jump rope

Jumping rope or skipping rope is a cardiovascular workout with tones your whole body. Jumping rope is a new thing in the fitness world. It has been crazy with a lot of people jumping ropes. Jumping daily improves your stamina and improves your hand, leg and eye coordination. It burns more calories than running. 10 minutes equals 30 minutes of moderate running. It is an intense fat burner and having a good rope to jump with is a huge part of fat loss. 

I started jumping 4 years back and my life has been better . I have been able to maintain my weight by eating in moderation and jumping rope daily for 20 minutes. Jumping rope is the best thing to lose fat. You can easily lose 3 to 5 kg in a month just by jumping rope and maintaining a diet. Best Selling Jump ropes in India.

Barbell set

barbell is a piece of exercise equipment used in weight training, bodybuilding, weightlifting and powerlifting, consisting of a long bar, usually with weights attached at each end. Barbells can improve athletic performance and build muscle at the same time. These don’t take much space and a variety of workouts can be done with this. There are different barbells available and are affordable, so get one for yourselves. Benefits of barbell training.


Stepper Board is ideal for cardiovascular, aerobics, weight loss, strength and interval (HIIT) training. This can be used to tone your legs and strengthen your core. This tasks very less space and can be stored anywhere and can be carried around too. Get your HIIT workout done with this.


Handgrips are very much portable and can be kept in your backpack. You can workout your hand grip anywhere anytime. Handgrips give you better grip strength which allows you to carry more weights with ease.