Flatheads shoes – A review

Glad that I came across flatheads. It was one of the fastest decision that I ever made when it came to buy a sneaker. Their ads were all over my facebook page. I was intimated. I have purchase products from brands that have had ads but it was after reading a lot of reviews from the comments. Flatheads being a relatively new Brand in the market had not many reviews and when it was supposed to be a tough decision for me , it actually wasn’t a tough one for a guy who reads multiple reviews even before buying a sock. I was intimated in trying out their shoe. I’m a sneaker guy and have worn shoes from almost all the mainstream brands. A month ago prior to owning a flatheads sneaker I had purchased  Nike Tanjun which was voted as the best sneaker in 2018. It hurt my feet so bad that my wife asked to me get rid of it ASAP. I was fed up with the international brands due to lack of comfort at a relatively less price. I did not want to spend big bucks for comfort. Flatheads was the brand that came to the rescue. It’s a pure Indian brand that puts a lot of effort in crafting sneakers that your feet would fall in love with. The uppers are very breathable and they use sustainable material. The soles are lightweight and the colours are awesome. They are easy to wear and remove. Who wouldn’t want a good looking comfortable shoe?. Their customer service is good and the people over there a friendly. Cheers to them on that. The flatheads aurea is my go to shoe for every occasion. It looks good with every attire. Try out their shoes for comfort and style.