Best Jump Rope/Skipping Rope In India For Fat Loss In a Budget – 2020

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Jumping rope or skipping rope is a cardiovascular workout with tones your whole body. Jumping daily improves your stamina and improves your hand, leg and eye coordination. It burns more calories than running. 10 minutes equals 30 minutes of moderate running. It is an intense fat burner and having a good rope to jump with is a huge part of fat loss. There are many ropes in the online and offline market. You will find jump ropes at a very cheap price but they all break in a month or two.  I have curated the reviews to give you the BEST EVER SKIPPING ROPES / JUMP ROPES FOR FAT LOSS IN INDIA to achieve the fat loss or fitness you have been hoping for. Before that let me share you my personal and simple weight loss program using a jumping rope.

Eat less, Jump more .

Doesn’t make sense? Well! Let me clear it out for you.

Jumping rope is the new thing in the fitness world. It has been crazy with a lot of people jumping ropes. I started jumping 4 years back and my life has been better . I have been able to maintain my weight by eating in moderation and jumping rope daily for 20 minutes.

Jumping rope is the best thing to loose fat . You can easily loose 3 to 5 kg in a month just by jumping rope and maintaining a diet

This program is very simple .

  1. Avoid sugars of any kind. When I tell any, I mean it. No bad source of sugar, better no sugar at all
  2. No bread, pasta and all that stuff you love to eat.
  3. Eat-in moderation even if it’s healthy
  4. Treat yourselves with something you crave for once a week. But control your mouth once the cheat day is over.
  5. Be happy and keep jumping rope.

There are a lot of tutorials on YouTube on how to jump rope . At first, you may find it difficult but once you get hold of it, you will absolutely love it.

Vector X Jump Rope 

best jump rope

This Jump rope from Vector X is a speed rope and good for jumping fast. It is a thin Nylon rope. I have used this for a month but then it started to break. I had to cut and reuse it and yet it broke again. The reviews are high but the quality is not what I wanted. Well! the price justifies the quality. If you are new and wanted to try Jumping rope for fitness and fat loss, then you can go for this. Since it’s lightweight you can learn to jump in this. Keep reading since I have written about my all-time favourite Jump rope which is cheap but so far the best one I had in this blog.

Burnlab Adjustable Jump Rope 

best jump rope

This is hands down one of the best Jump rope on Amazon. This has a lot of positive reviews and users have said that this is the best they have ever used. This can be adjustable and is tangle free. A lot of Jump ropes on the market easily tangle and no one likes a tangled one. You must have already dealt with tangled earphones. So a tangle-free rope is an advantage. The material is durable since it has a steel cable inside and coated with durable material. Since this is a speed rope, this is built for speed. It is good for Double unders. This rope is adjustable as per your height. If you are an intermediate or an advanced Jump roper, then this is absolutely for you. For the price, this an absolute bargain.

Curveit Leap Speed Jump Rope

best jump rope

This Jump rope from Curve it is another best seller. The reviews are really good and users have said that this jump rope is durable and worth the money The quality of the cable is good, it is made out of steel wire with PVC coating over it and the handles are made out of plastic and it is lightweight. The length of the rope is about 10 feet. This is suitable for the people who jump really fast and also very good for doing double unders. This rope is priced reasonably.

The Sweatshop Essentials Rope

best jump rope

I recently purchased this Jump rope by The Sweatshop. It’s a pretty good rope. It had Good handles which are made of soft plastic and have grooves for your thumb. The jump rope can be adjusted as per the required height This durable and not like others that have cheap materials. I have been able to do double unders since the rope has a good weight and it makes the jumping easier.

If you are into Jumping you must have heard about the Money rope by Rush Athletics. Well! the Sweatshop essential rope is something like that but at a price that is affordable to the average Indian consumer. If you are looking for a cheap, durable and a good rope, then this is the one. This is the best Jump rope out in the Indian market as per my opinion and usage.

HUMBLE Jump Rope

best jump rope

This is another best selling Jump rope that has positive reviews. It is made of good quality material and is a speed rope and good value for money . The length is adjustable as per the height of the person. It is very intelligently designed. Reviews also mentioned that this is very durable. For the price its a very good jumping rope.

SPORTLAND Adjustable Jump Rope

best jump rope

This is one of the best-selling Jump rope on Amazon. Many buyers have mentioned that this is durable and good for jumping fast. The weight is good enough and you can feel it in your arms as you jump. Few buyers have mentioned that the rope broke easily. But since the majority of the reviews are positive, I recommend this rope.

Sindhu Sports Adjustable

best jump rope

This Jump rope has mixed reviews. Many have said that this product is good and many have said that this product is not worth the money and breaks easily. If you are a beginner, then this jump rope will be of good use to you since you can learn to Jump rope with a cheap and then go for the expensive one that is professional or has good reviews or any of the jump rope I mentioned that are durable.

Best selling speed ropes to consider to maximize fat loss



Amazon basics speed rope


BurnLab speed rope


BodySkip Speed rope

Burnlab anti-slip speed rope

Now that you have seen some of the BEST EVER SKIPPING ROPES / JUMP ROPES FOR FAT LOSS IN INDIA, Keep jumping daily and you will see results in a month or two. Don’t give up. Be motivated. As the JUMP ROPES DUDE say, DO THE THING, keep Jumping rope.